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Here’s the Deal: We will help you form the Company you need to take your Business from Idea to Reality. If you already have a business, we provide consulting and legal advocacy. Click the BLOG link for ideas on what Businesses you can start NOW.

Our Promise

TLC brings better legal and business solutions to clients so they can focus on those elements of their jobs that are more strategic, valuable and personally fulfilling.

Our Outcomes

We focus on improving each Client's understanding of business and legal complexities. 

Our Team

Our team is composed of successful business and legal professionals              

About Us

Cristina Carabetta, Esq.

Cristina Carabetta, Esq. is the Principal Attorney at The TLC Group and owner of the luxury brand BETTA BRAND INC. She creatively combines her business acumen and legal prowess to assist clients is business related matters…

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